Focusing expertise and experience on this niche has yielded, and will continue to yield, excellent cash flow returns and property value appreciation for the clients of Self Storage Investing, LLC.

The self-storage niche is currently underserved, unlike certain other property types, and as such represents the next window of opportunity in highly profitable real estate investment.

The increasing number of renters drives demand for self-storage. Renters move more frequently than homeowners, and urbanization pushes renters into the city, with smaller and denser housing and limited storage space. This translates into an increasing demand for self-storage facilities.

Millennials, the largest demographic group in the U.S., are delaying homeownership and renting longer, increasing their need for storage facilities.

Baby boomers are downsizing their living arrangements and need storage.

More small and medium-sized businesses rely on storage facilities to hold their goods and equipment.

Due to these market indications, it is clear that this asset class will become increasingly attractive to larger institutional investors with a resulting upsurge in property values.

Self Storage Investing, LLC is interested in partnering with investors desiring to expand their investment portfolio through quality self-storage acquisitions.

Self Storage Investing, LLC looks forward to presenting well-researched, and highly sought after investment opportunities for the consideration of accredited investors.

The Self Storage Investing, LLC advantage does not start and end with profitability alone. The personal concern, open communication and attention to detail that is given to every investor and every investment builds strong and lasting relationships.

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