You can change the colors in your AIP site by following the procedure below:

    1. Enable Visual Builder on the page in which you want to change the colors.

    1. After enabling the visual builder, click Gear icon to open the settings of the module. In this example, we are changing the color of text in a text module.


    1. Click the Design tab and find the section from where the color is coming. If you are unsure, you can hover over the section outside the settings box and if you click the paint brush icon, it will automatically take you to the corresponding section inside the design tab.


    1. Check if the color used is a Global color or not. If the icon of the color used is a leaf icon (teardrop shape with arrow in bottom right corner), it is a Global color. Changing a Global color will change it in all other places where it is used. If the icon is a circular icon, it is a saved local color. Changing it will change the color only in that module.


    1. Select a different color and save the change.


    1. Click on three dots at the bottom of the page to reveal additional buttons and click on Save.

Your color change is now applied to the site. If you encounter any problem following the steps above, please consult customer care representative.