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Point your domain name to your website at Apartment Investor Pro!

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Need to know how to add a page or edit some content?

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Third Party Services

Connect your website and forms to such services as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Podio and more.

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How To Activate A Plugin

No matter which plan you have with AIP you get access to our library of plugins. They have a wide range of uses from improving performance to helping you connect to a 3rd party service. The way you go about activating these plugins is exactly the same, so the...

How to Add The Follow-up Email Series

NOTE: This applies to Executive customers only, who receive our pre-written email follow-up series.As one of AIP Executive customers you'll get access to our Follow-up email series. This is a series of 5 pre-written emails that you can add to your CRM or email...


Can I add new Plugins?

Due to the potential to pose a security risk and the risk of affecting other sites, we do not allow customers to add plugins on their own.

That being said, you can contact support if you need to add a plugin. There may be a way to do what you need without a plugin or we may already have a plugin available for that purpose. If not, and the plugin is well-maintained and doesn't pose a threat, we may be able to install it for you.

What happens if I cancel?

Your site will be deactivated and then deleted. While we own the default content and design, which cannot be used outside of our service, if you have written content yourself or created a custom design, you are free to duplicate anything you created on a new site.

Do you include email accounts?

We don't include email accounts. Mainly because you're better off using a service that's dedicated to providing email. For example, what we use for our business email is a service by Google called Google Workspace. It's $6 per user per month. It works exactly like Gmail. In fact, you can even sign in at gmail.com. But your email address will be at your domain name. For example, let's say your domain name is PremierInvestments.com, your email address could be joe@premierinvestments.com or whatever you like. From your perspective, it's just like using Gmail, but what your clients see is a professional email address. Besides Google's service, there are other options. For example, wherever you get your domain name will probably offer email accounts. For example, if you get your domain name from GoDaddy or NameCheap, those both offer email services too. Typically you pay per email account. We can help you set that up if needed.

I'm Not Receiving Any Leads Even Though People Are Emailing Me?

There are 2 possible reasons for this.

  1. Your leads could be going into your spam. Make sure to check.
  2. Make sure you are checking the email you used for your profile. Emails sent via contact forms will be sent to that email.

What you can also do, is fill out the contact form yourself to test it out. If you've made sure of the 2 points above, and still aren't seeing your emails, it could be a technical issue in which case send us an email.