Having a place where you can show your investors projects your company is working on is essential. With Apartment Investor Pro, we include a basic ‘investor only page’. However, you may already have a more robust investor portal account set up with another service that you would like to connect to your website.

Since there are many different services out there that offer an Investor Portal such as Investor Deal Room, Syndication Pro, Cash Flow Portal, Juniper Square, Groundbreaker, this will be more of a general guideline of how you can link your investor portal to your website

NOTE: Since each company may work differently you’ll need to use the option that best suits which service you’re using.


Step 1: Obtaining A Link Or Embed Code

Some services such as Syndication Pro provide you a small code snippet that you can easily add to a web page in order to integrate their login form.

To find this code you’ll have to be logged into your service provider. You’ll find the code in ‘Settings’.

NOTE: This process will differ from one service to the next. The customer support of your service provider will be able to assist you in finding the embed code. 

Regardless of which service you’re using you’ll want to look for an option that will allow you to add your form via an embed code. Sometimes they will provide a link that you can add to a button or to your menu on your website. Read how to add a custom link to a button or the menu. Another option you might have available is to add a large chunk of code. We do not recommend this as it can cause issue with your website.

The best option will be to find an embed code or a link.

Example of Embed code (iframe)

An embed code or iframe is generally a short snippet of code only a few lines long as seen below.

<iframe title="login" width="100%" height="600px" 
src="https://companyName.portal.com/login" frameBorder="0"></iframe>
Example of a large chunk of code
Large segments of code as seen below are not recommended as they are difficult to implement and can greatly slow down your webssite.

Step 2: Adding The Portal To Your Website

From here you have a couple different options about how you can add the investor portal to your website, depending on if you have an embed code or a link. We’ll go over a few different options you can choose.


Option 1: Adding Embed Code

Adding the embed code does take more steps than other methods but once added you don’t need to worry about it. You will first need to create a shortcode that contains the embed code and then add that to a page. So if you go this route please follow the steps below exactly.

  1. Activate the plugin Shortcoder. (Read how to activate a Plugin)
  2. Go to you dashboard, scroll down to find ‘Shortcoder’ in the left menu.
  3. Click ‘Create Shortcode
  4. Add a name using a dash between each new word
  5. Paste the embed code in the large text box
  6. Click ‘Publish’
  7. Click ‘Copy’. This is found right under the name you added
  8. Navigate to ‘Pages’ and click ‘Edit with Divi’ on the Investor Portal page. If this page is not there then you will need to create a new page.
  9. Delete all the existing content and add a Text Module.
  10. Paste in the shortcode that you copied from the ‘Shortcoder’ plugin and save the page.

Note: The code may take a couple seconds longer to load then regular content on your page. If you need to create a new page you’ll need to add that page to your menu. Read how to edit your menu.


Option 2: Adding The Link 

Now if you choose instead to add the investor portal via a link you can easily do so in fewer steps than with an embed code. The most common spot to place this link is within the menu. Read how to add a custom menu item.

Note: The link you’ve added will bring the user to a new page that has been created by the service you are using, thus there is no need to create a new page on your website.


Option 3: Contact Support

The easiest option regardless if you have an embed code or link would be to contact our support team. In your email please provide the following information:


  • The embed code or link
  • Where you would like it to go (on a page or in the menu)
  • link to your website

Need Help?


If you are having troubles to locate the embed code or a link to use on the dashboard of your investor portal account, you can either contact us and provide us with your login and we’ll find it for you or you can contact the support of the service you are using.

If you are trying to add an embed code but do not see the plugin ‘Shortcoder’ you probably need to activate the plugin. If you’re having any other issues please contact support and we’ll be happy to assist you.